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About Us

Linkage Solutions

Founded in 1997, our parent company is Valve Solutions in Alpharetta, Georgia. Linkage solutions was originally developed as a support shop. The name makes more sense when you consider that our original product line were  “linkages” made to adapt various types of valves to different actuators, motors and/or switches.


Since our beginning, we have developed an extended clientele which includes companies such as Coca-Cola, Lockheed, Mueller Industries, Tyco, Avery Dennison, Numatics Actuator, Aeroquest, Stimlabs, Bonomi USA, Johnson Controls, Kimberly Clark, American Boa and many more. We have both CNC and manual machinery and the capability to do prototype as well as production work.

Hi-Tech Equipment

We have some of the finest and most updated state of the art equipment in our area.

Linkage Solutions Equipment
LSI CNC Machine Shop - Prototype

Manual Machinery

We also have some “classic” machinery for those projects that require specific hands on manufacturing.

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